This section has all the information on editing and setting transfer events using a Transfer Tool and Event Tool.

Transfer Tool allows you to add transfer events which make event objects in the dungeon change their position and/or direction when triggered by different objects.

Transfer parameters

1. ID

Each transfer has a unique ID which allows it to be attached to different event objects in a dungeon.

2. Event ID

ID of an event object that would be transferred by the current event.

3. Level

Level of the dungeon on which an object would appear.

4. X

X coordinate of the destination location.

5. Y

Y coordinate of the destination location.

6. Direction

Direction of an object after transfer: tile event objects have no direction (0) and wall event objects can have a direction value from 1 to 4.

Important note

Keep in mind that if two event objects end up on the same spot facing the same direction, only the one with the highest ID would be seen and could be interacted with.

Attaching transfer events to event objects

You can attach transfer events to event objects which have a special section for Transfer IDs (usually under Target IDs) - transfer event (or multiple events separated by "," with no spaces) will then happen upon activating/deactivating an object transfer events are attached to.

You can see which objects transfer events can be attached to in this WIki-section.

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