Different parameters can be applied using CSS syntax in the Style field to customize decorations in your dungeon. This page describes the most commonly used ones.

Important notes Edit

  • Multiple parameters must be separated with semicolon (";").
  • Format: parameter: value; parameter2: value;

Common parameters: Edit



Default Value




color Edit

Define color (text | link) white Simple colors: color: black

HEX colors: color: #4286f4

RGB colors: color: rgb(216, 34, 34)

RGB colors with custom transparency: color: rgba(216, 34, 34, 0.5)

CSS colors

Pick any color


font-size Edit

Define font size in % (text | link) 500% (100% for partial editing) font-size: 1000% Yes

font-weight Edit

Make text bold(er) (text | link) normal Simple: font-weight: bold

Precise (100-900 with 100 steps): font-weight: 900


text-shadow Edit

Add shadow to a text (text | link) none text-shadow: 0.1vw 0.1vw black Learn more Yes

background Edit

Set background color (text | link) none Simple colors: background: black

HEX colors: background: #4286f4

RGB colors: background: rgb(216, 34, 34)

RGB colors with custom transparency: background: rgba(216, 34, 34, 0.5)

Pick any color Yes

border Edit

Set border (text | link | image) none vw - flexible units: border: 0.5vw solid black

px - inflexible units: border: 10px

All border variations Partial

opacity Edit

Define opacity (transparency) (text | link | image) 1 opacity: 0.5 Yes

top Edit

left Edit

Change position by changing offset from top and left edge (text | link | image) 50% top: 25%; left: -10% No

transform: scale() Edit

Scaling (text | link | image) 1 transform: scale(3) No

transform: rotate() Edit

Rotation in deg (degrees) (text | link | image) 0 transform: rotate(-30deg) No

Partial styling Edit

You can style parts of a text by wrapping any part in <span> tag OR additional tags (see below) and using the above parameters (see <span> column in table above):

E.g.: This is <span style="background: black; color: gold">my text</span>

Additional tags: Edit


Definition Examples

<b> Edit

Bold text <b>Bold text</b>

<i> Edit

Italic text <i>Italic text</i>

<a> Edit

Link <a href="" style="color: pink">Website</a>

<hr> Edit

Horizontal line Text<hr style="border: 1vw solid blue">Another paragraph
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