This section has all the information on editing audio effects using an Audio Tool.

Audio Tool allows you to edit sounds and background music in your dungeon.


1. Link

Link to an audio of OGG, MP3 or WAV format.

Using WAV format is not recommended due to the file size - if possible, use OGG or MP3 audio files.

2. Music

Check if the audio effect is music.

Uploading an audio file

Only direct audio links can be used as custom sound effects or music in a dungeon.

Check out this guide to learn how to upload an audio and get a direct link to it.

Attaching sound effects and music to event objects

You can attach sound effects and music to event objects (or replace default sound effects) which have a special field for Sound/Music ID.

In case of Sound: sound effect will then be played upon certain interaction with an object (and instead of a default sound effect if an object has any).

In case of Music: music with certain ID will start playing upon certain interaction with an object (or currently playing music wiill be switched to the music with certain ID).

You can see which objects sound effects and music can be attached to in this Wiki-section.

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